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YTBLF Pvs-14 Tactical Hunting Night Vision Infrared monocular Powerful high-Definition Digital Infrared Night Vision Device Helmet

Product Features:

    Product specifications:★Extension: 2X★Target: 28mm★Field of view: 6.4°★ Pupil diameter: 14mm★ Eye pot distance: 15mm★ Parallax: ±5°★ Minimum viewing distance: 0.8mm★ Night vision distance: > 200 meters★Sensor: 1/4 CMOS★ Horizontal resolution: 420 lines★Display device: LED★ Resolution: 330x224 pixels★ Lighting device: the first led★Center wavelength: 850mm★ Working voltage: DV 3 V.★…
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Product Description

Product specifications:
★Extension: 2X
★Target: 28mm
★Field of view: 6.4°
★ Pupil diameter: 14mm
★ Eye pot distance: 15mm
★ Parallax: ±5°
★ Minimum viewing distance: 0.8mm
★ Night vision distance: > 200 meters
★Sensor: 1/4 CMOS
★ Horizontal resolution: 420 lines
★Display device: LED
★ Resolution: 330×224 pixels
★ Lighting device: the first led
★Center wavelength: 850mm
★ Working voltage: DV 3 V.
★ Built-in power supply: AA battery (not included)
★ Battery resistance: 1.5 / 2.5 H (1R in / 1r off)
★ Switch: 1. Power switch 2. Infrared light brightness adjustment 3. Forced infrared light switch.

Product Features

  • ★ IR professional near-infrared light source: with infrared radiation source, auxiliary can let you see farther in the dark. It can be forced to open or close depending on the usage environment, and can be manually adjusted to the desired state. See more and farther scenes in all black situations
  • ★Metal structure: shock absorption, anti-slip design, strong ability to withstand and vibrate, can withstand the impact of heavy acceleration of more than 20 people. It is fully adapted to the field environment and can meet your needs in different geographical locations.
  • ★ Eyepiece blue coating: Full-lens multi-layer film technology, the light transmission rate from 50% to 95%, increasing the contrast and sharpness of color, greatly improving the effect
  • ★ Objective purple coating: It adopts comprehensive multi-layer coating, the over-rate is over 95%, the imaging is sharp, and it is obviously superior to similar telescopes at home and abroad in observing the brightness, image quality and authenticity of object image. It has an excellent field of view, a large diameter of the exit pupil, and a long distance. It can also observe the target in a variety of low-light environments and wearing gas masks (or glasses).
  • ★ It is the perfect tool for hunting, fishing, bird watching, outdoor adventures, surveillance work or just a fun and fun concert or sport. The HD digital telescope features an excellent all-optical system and high-definition digital video capabilities.
5x40mm Infrared Digital Night Vision-HD Monocular with 1.5 Inch TFT LCD and Camera&Camcorder Function Take Photos and Videos Up to 350m/1150ft Detection Distance-Come with a Rechargeable Battery

5x40mm Infrared Digital Night Vision-HD Monocular with

Night vision monocular is optical instrument that you can obtain image of objects under low light or night situationNight vision - Low light sensitivity;deliver usable image even without IR illuminator onPhoto shooting- Each press of shutter gets one photo,photo will be saved automatically in the SD cardPlayback- In playback mode,screen brightness and illuminator brightness is not allowed to useVideo shooting- In the shooting model,video clips will be saved in the SD card automaticallyEquipped with USB 2.0 interface - PC would identify the digital monocular automatically;read contents in the SD cardMulti using - Hunting;shooting;scouting;security and surveillance;camping;exploring;nighttime navigation;night fishing and boating;wildlife observation;nighttime hiking,travellingLCD size:1.5"DPI:400x200Field of view:5 degree;261ftDark environment observing distance:5 to 200mOcular adjustable range:add/subtract 0.6Replaceable battery:lithium ionOperating voltage:3.7V DCPackage includes:1x night vision monocular1x AV video cable1x USB cable1x pouch1x external power adapter1x hand grip strap1x cleaning cloth1x 14500 750mAH battery2x operating instructionsNOTE:The type of battery is 14500 750mAH (Included)Digital monocular achieves 5x optical zoom and…

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